Growing Closer to God

Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.

1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

Prayer is how we communicate with God, grow closer to God, and continue our spiritual journey. Being closer to God feeds our spiritual fire. It energizes us to love God, love others, and be the people and church family that God wants us to be. At New Life, we are intentional about creating opportunities to study and share with each other how we seek God, how we pray, and how we see God working in our lives. We help each other along as fellow travelers on this journey of faith.

Pray. Receive Prayer. Pray for Others.

Sunday Worship and Special Services

Adoration, praise, thanksgiving, penitence, oblation, intercession, and petition are the principal types of prayer. All are part of the Episcopal Worship Service and many special services.

Intercessory Prayer Support: Prayer Chain

Your call or email triggers communication to select individuals in the parish who offer their gift of intercessory prayer. These prayer warriors feel called to this ministry and drop everything to pray when called upon. All prayer requests are completely confidential and if desired only necessary information is shared.

Congregational Prayer Support: Sunday Prayer List

During the Sunday service, your prayer concerns and thanksgivings are read during the ‘Prayers of the People’ part of the service. Simply add your prayers to the list, which is located at the double doors into the sanctuary.

Healing Prayer: During Communion on Sunday

New Life has commissioned “Healers” who offer the ministry of healing prayer to anyone desiring it, for themselves or for someone else. The Healer stands at the back of the sanctuary during Communion and is ready to pray for your physical, emotional, or spiritual healing concerns.

Sunday Night Prayer Telecon

At 8 pm each Sunday night New Lifers pray together on a brief telephone conference. Lasting about 15 minutes, the call is led by a lay volunteer and includes a few regular prayers plus individual prayer requests and praises. A leaflet with instructions and the prayers is available in the church. Text reminders with the prayers are available too.

Taizé Prayer Services   

New Life offers contemplative Taizé Prayer services with classical guitarist Adam Keeler. Worship leader Bo Iole visited the Taize community in France and was inspired to bring this beautiful service to us. It is generally held once a month on Sunday evenings. The service is held in a quiet, candle-lit sanctuary and consists of meditative scripture readings, singing, quiet prayer time and lighting of candles. For more information about this powerful prayer service at New Life, visit our Taizé page. To learn about the Taizé Monastic Community in France, where Taizé began, visit Taizé on the web.

Chapel Services

Chapel Services are held for most Wednesdays at 10:30 A.M., before the Wednesday Morning Group meets at 11 A.M. Led by Rev. Barbara, they consist of a prayer service and study of a person being commemorated on or near that day in the Episcopal Church book of Lesser Feasts and Fasts. These are honored men and women whose lives represent heroic commitment to Christ and who have borne witness to their faith even at the cost of their lives. They encourage and inspire us.

More Prayer and Devotional Support

New Life also supports us in prayer and study with the weekly Wednesday Morning Group, the monthly Tuesday Evening group, occasional lectures, classes, retreats, and devotional materials. Special attention is given to Advent and Lent, when prayer is historically an important part of preparing ourselves for Jesus coming into the world and Jesus’ death.