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Church Canceled due to Coronavirus

For your safety, church services are canceled until further notice.  We will resume services when it is safe to do so. For the time being, all our small groups have been canceled.

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Driving Cattle

An article* on How to Drive Cattle may have good advice on working with people. Excerpts: “You have to read your cow. You have no idea how cows are going to react.” … “Drive cattle at the pace of a walk.” … “Make sure they see you and start talking to them.” … “It is easier to wait for a cow who has gone rogue than force it back to the herd … leave them be and let them calm down. They’ll get the drift and follow along, and you let them back in.” … “Reveal to your herd as little of your stress as possible.” … “[Cattle] have the capacity to tire out and just stand there, and they will not move. Slow is fast — cattle don’t wear wristwatches.” 

*The New York Times Magazine , January 8, 2017

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