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Church Canceled due to Coronavirus

For your safety, church services are canceled until further notice.  We will resume services when it is safe to do so. For the time being, all our small groups have been canceled.

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Life is complicated. So many decisions. Most are insignificant: Single-serving or economy? Cash, check or credit? But some decisions are consequential and must be weighed and prayed: Give the man a dollar or look the other way? Be an activist, or step back and let others? This decision-making will, now and then, stop me in my tracks. Verna Dozier, self-described “Lay Theologian,” to the rescue: “I will live the best I can discern today. Tomorrow I may find out I was wrong. Since I do not live by being right, I am not destroyed by being wrong.”*

*Verna J. Dozier, The Dream of God: A Call to Return.

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