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Church Canceled due to Coronavirus

For your safety, church services are canceled until further notice.  We will resume services when it is safe to do so. For the time being, all our small groups have been canceled.

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I once believed that I could fix the world’s ills if I would only advocate for change … protest … petition … stand strong against injustice. It wasn’t nearly enough. Now, I confront life’s smaller problems … one at a time. A man named Baba Amte worked with lepers in India. Baba’s metaphor for his ministry was a mechanic with an oil can … when some part of life’s vast machinery squeaked, along came Baba with his oil can. This is my ministry now … a word of encouragement, a small gift, a letter sent, a few minutes to listen … these are all drops of oil.

Baba Amte (1914-2008) on a 2014 stamp of India

Image copyright India Post, Government of India / GODL-India from Wikimedia Commons

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