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Taizé Services to be held Sundays October 20 and November 17 at 7 PM

Our Taizé services have proved very popular with both regular and non-regular churchgoers alike.  The ambiance – a combination of prayer, song and silence – appeals to all the senses.

The informal service takes place in our candlelit Church. It is quiet and reflective, with a period of silence for your own private prayer and contemplation. The chants are in the service booklet and you can just listen or feel free to join in. Classical guitarist Adam Keeler and pianist Nicole Scafidi share their talent and the unique style of Taizé music with us.

If prayer is a significant practice in your life, yet it is sometimes hard to find the quiet time,  you may enjoy this style of worship created by the community of Taizé in France. Taizé worship provides a way to “turn off the buzz” of our daily lives and experience a new depth of prayer. Learn more about the Taizé community here:

We would love to have you join us for this special service and recharge for the week ahead!

Acclaimed classical guitarist Adam Keeler and pianist Nicole Scafidi provide serene accompaniment for the service’s unique meditative singing.
Lighting candles, if desired, is part of the Taizé prayer service.

About Adam Keeler

Adam Keeler has been playing guitar for 25 years and teaching for over 12. In 1999, he traveled to France to study under virtuoso fingerstyle player Pierre Bensusan, which was followed by the release of his debut CD, “The Rest of Angels” (available on iTunes). His CD has been favorably reviewed by such artists as Michael Manring and Pierre Bensusan.

After switching to classical guitar in 2005, he was named the Outstanding Guitarist of the Year for two years in The University of Akron’s Bachelor of Music program. Adam became a finalist in the James Stroud Classical Guitar Competition for two consecutive years in 2009 and 2010. He holds a Masters degree in Classical Guitar Performance from the University of Akron. He teaches classical guitar at Ashland University and is the Headmaster of The Academy of Culture & Arts at St. Sebastian’s Catholic Church in Akron.

We are so blessed that Adam shares his beautiful gift with us to enhance our prayer experience.

About Taizé Meditative Singing

From the Taizé website:

Singing is one of the most essential elements of worship. Short songs, repeated again and again, give it a meditative character. Using just a few words they express a basic reality of faith, quickly grasped by the mind. As the words are sung over many times, this reality gradually penetrates the whole being. Meditative singing thus becomes a way of listening to God. It allows everyone to take part in a time of prayer together and to remain together in attentive waiting on God, without having to fix the length of time too exactly.

To open the gates of trust in God, nothing can replace the beauty of human voices united in song. This beauty can give us a glimpse of “heaven’s joy on earth,” as Eastern Christians put it. And an inner life begins to blossom within us.

These songs also sustain personal prayer. Through them, little by little, our being finds an inner unity in God. They can continue in the silence of our hearts when we are at work, speaking with others or resting. In this way prayer and daily life are united. They allow us to keep on praying even when we are unaware of it, in the silence of our hearts.

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