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Sock Hop for Adults with Disabilites

The May 18, 2019 Sock Hop for Adults with Disabilities was a great success! Nearly 50 guests enjoyed music, dancing, yummy food and fun activities. “This is the third time New Life hosted a fun social event for adults with disabilities,” said event organizer Bo Iole. “There aren’t enough social opportunities for adults with special needs. We want to help fill that need.”

New Life members pulled out all the stops for their guests. There was a great DJ, a special needs adult himself. All the great dancing songs of the 1950s kept people on their feet! The food was fantastic, with classic 1950s diner fare of gooey ham and cheese sliders, chips, popcorn, soda, and even root beer floats. The ice cream sundae centerpieces held candy popular in the 1950s including tootsie rolls and bubble gum!

Keeping it FUN!

Guests wrote their names on a record to post on the special Sock Hop Bulletin Board. The photo booth was a huge hit, with lots of sock hop props like cat-eye glasses, guitars and hot-pink lips. Photos were put into Sock Hop picture frames for guests to take home as a keepsake. Guests could create another keepsake to take home with dot-art coloring. Each guest and caregiver received a filled-to-the-brim gift bag with 1950s fun items like sunglasses, treats, travel size necessities like hand sanitizer, games and a crazy pair of socks!

New Life’s fun events for adults with disabilities are promoted via the Stark County and Summit County Boards of Developmental Disabilities. “We send them the information to be distributed to individual and group residences.” said Iole. “We especially hope to serve adults who don’t have many opportunities otherwise.”

“Their smiles tell the story.”

“The smiles on the faces of our guests tell the story.” said MJ Maling, one of the event helpers. “This is just one way our church family can be God’s hands and feet in our world today. And our world needs a lot of love.”

If you would like more information about New Life’s fun social events for adults with disabilities, contact Bo Iole at (234) 571-9949.

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