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Healers Commissioned at February 24 Service

New Life celebrated St. Luke the Physician on Sunday, February 24, 2019 with a special service including prayers for healing. St. Luke the Evangelist and gospel writer is thought to have been a physician in the first century. During this service a new ministry was inaugurated at New Life with the commissioning of Healers for the congregation.

Five Healers were commissioned during the Offering of the Peace. During communion, they were available to provide individual healing prayers at the communion rail.  

L-R Bo Iole, Jan Szwast, Julie Martin, Rev. Lynn Gorman and Charlyn Bridges were commissioned as Healers on February 24, 2019.

On future Sundays, one Healer will be available during Holy Communion for anyone wishing healing prayers. A new space will be set aside at the rear of the nave, with a prie-dieu (a small ornamental wooden desk with sloping shelf and kneeler).

The Healers perform this ministry by offering prayers, laying on of hands, and anointing with oil. The Healers offer prayers for healing which are intercessions to God to bring healing to a situation in whatever form God chooses. 

Healing might be actual physical cure; it might be resolution to a difficult situation; it could also be the solace of death. The New Life Healers understand that the healing, in any form, comes from God, and that the Healers are channels for God’s grace.

New Life is blessed to have healing ministers available to serve members of the congregation. New Life is also blessed to offer ministries for people continuing to grow in their gifts and spirituality.

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