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Harvest of Friends Social a Success!

Harvest of Friends Social for Adults with Disabilities provided a meaningful and enjoyable afternoon.  

On October 14, 2017, New Life hosted the Harvest of Friends Social for Adults with Disabilities.  We are thankful that our guests and caregivers had a meaningful and enjoyable experience here at New Life.  From an idea started with some markers, colored paper, and tape, a lovely event developed that included the participation of most of the parish members.

However, before beginning to describe the Harvest of Friends Social, it must be said that nothing would have resulted in a day so special without the attendance of our guests.  Angel, Kris, Christy, Christian, Sue, Matt, Marla, Kathy, Lorri, Nancy, Cherralle, Laura, Jessica, our own Emily, and all the caregivers, New Life thanks you for coming!  Your enjoyment and smiles made everyone’s day.

Also, New Life is grateful to the friends who helped with organizing, set up, and decorations. The gifts for our guests were enlarged through the generosity of Dr. Lanik and Little Chicago Clothing Co., and extra entertainment was provided by Pastor Dave. A thank you “woof” goes out to Buddy, the therapy dog and Brenda, his human.

During the summer, the organizing team, chaired by Bo, formed the plans for an afternoon of fun and named it the Harvest of Friends Social.  Members of New Life stepped up to take the plans for this event to an actuality by making phone calls, finding supplies, providing handmade gifts, practicing the guitar, arranging decorations, helping with registration, bulletin boards, the art activity, cooking, baking, and more. Twenty-eight members lifted our Harvest of Friends Social in prayer. All that prayer, planning, and work resulted in a successful event.

The Harvest of Friends Social began with parking/escorts assisting our guests inside. Hosts showed them to their seats and parish members at every table exchanged smiles and names. Tail wags and grins from the therapy dog gave another boost to the warmth glowing in the New Life social hall.

Wonderful drinks and food were enjoyed, followed by story time. The story of Persistence: Never Give Up (an adaptation of the parable of the persistent friend in the Gospel of Luke) was acted out with great drama. A definite thumbs-up. Art projects were next with supplies from Do-A-Dot Art Co. that brought out the artist in everyone. A sing-a-long was then enjoyed with guitar accompaniment, first supported by our musical members and then under the guidance of Pastor Dave. In the proper dress of a railroad engineer, Pastor Dave led everyone through some old railroad favorites while playing guitar and harmonica. As a finale, there was a rousing chorus of “On Top of Spaghetti.”

Gifts and photos ended the afternoon. Guests were already hoping to be invited back again before they even left the church. What a thank you!

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