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Centering Prayer Sunday: A Quiet Hit!

sally goodallNew Life’s “Centering Prayer Sunday” on July 9, 2017 began with Morning Prayer officiated by Interim Rector Fr. Phil Kunder. Following the service, Sally Goodall spoke to congregants and guests about Centering and Contemplative Prayer. This type of prayer brings us into closer communion with God and requires practice! Congregants were led through 20 minutes of silent, Centering Prayer, practicing the art of listening for God and returning to one word to refocus the mind to silence as it wandered. This powerful form of prayer has many benefits for our lives as Christians.

Sally, who attends St. John’s Episcopal Church in Cuyahoga Falls, is a Life Professed Oblate in the Episcopal Carmel of St. Teresa, a contemplative religious order. According to Sally, it is the only Carmelite order outside of the Roman Catholic Church!

Sally welcomes your questions and follow up conversation and you can email her at For more information about centering prayer, you might visit Contemplative Outreach Ltd., or Contemplative Outreach of Northeast Ohio. New Life hopes to provide more opportunities for learning and practicing methods that can deepen our relationship with God as we walk our journey of faith.

On Sunday, the Morning Prayer and Centering Prayer experiences were followed by a summer-style pot luck lunch featuring hot dogs with all the fixings, ice cream sundaes, and miles of side dishes. New Life once again affirmed its well-deserved reputation for having great cooks and “doing food well!”

The day was planned by the New Life Spirituality Team, which wishes to thank Fr. Phil for coming up with the idea and finding our speaker. The team also thanks the July 9 Coffee Hour Team and all the extra helpers who stepped up to help with set up and clean up. Many extra thanks to the Coffee Hour Team Leader, Darlene Giffin, who worked extra hard and also made the to-die-for chocolate sauce and walnut sauce toppings for the ice cream! 🙂

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