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Storm the Cathedral

Trinity Cathedral - Cleveland

Beloved People of God of New Life,

On March 13th I received this invitation from Fr. Dustin Berg, rector of St. Mark’s Episcopal Church in Canton:

In conjunction with the 200th anniversary of the Diocese, St. Mark’s has decided to “Storm the Cathedral” on April 23 – Low Sunday – for the 11:15am Eucharist. In fact, our vestry was enthusiastic to the point of being willing to cancel our 10:00am service that day in order that people can attend! We are working on arranging a bus to take us there, and for a tour after the service, since a number of our people have never been up there. Since you all were part of the Revitalize effort through the diocese, we’re inviting you and your parishes to join us. We are hoping for, you guessed it, a total of 200 people. Think we can make it, together?
Fr. Dustin Berg+

I shared this invitation with the Vestry with my high recommendation that we consider this as a New Life parish event. It is an opportunity for the ENTIRE parish to participate in worship at Trinity Cathedral and fellowship/fun with each other and fellow Episcopalians.

Lunch plans include either a box lunch (provided for $10.00 if desired). If you would like to join members of St. Mark’s for lunch at a local restaurant, you may want to drive up. These arrangements as of the writing of this article, have not been finalized.

The cost of the bus is $15.00 per person. The bus will leave St. Mark’s in Canton at 9:45am to go to Trinity Cathedral. It will leave Trinity at 2:30pm to return to St. Mark’s. To sign up and pay, please visit the St. Mark’s website.   The deadline for signing up for this is April 2nd.  If for whatever reason, finances are an issue, please see Fr. Phil+. Funds are available.

After an open and honest discussion at the Vestry meeting on 3.19.17, the Vestry approved cancelling Mass at New Life on April 23rd and encouraging the entire parish to join in this meaningful and fun event. It is something we get to do…TOGETHER… as a whole church family!

Realizing that some members will not be able to attend, the Vestry is encouraging those members to attend St. Mark’s in Canton for the 8am Mass.

We hope there is a great turnout from New Life so we can be part of celebrating the 200th Anniversary of the Diocese of Ohio!

Yours in Christ,
Fr. Phil+


Photo courtesy Trinity Cathedral

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