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Rector's Message

Rev. Beth FrankThe Rev. Beth Frank is a recent graduate of Bexley Hall Seminary in Columbus, Ohio.  She was ordained a (transitional) deacon in June, 2013, and was ordained to the sacred order of priests on December 6, 2013 - St. Nicholas Day.  She has been appointed by the bishop to serve New Life as Priest-in-Charge.

This past weekend Megan Walton received her nursing degree from Ashland University. Also, Judy Schrader's great niece JoAnn Michael graduated yesterday from NIHF (National Inventors Hall of Fame)-STEM High School.

Please join me in this prayer for Megan, JoAnn, and all graduates as they rejoice in their achievements and look forward to the journeys ahead.

God of wisdom, bless all graduates,
especially JoAnn and Megan
Whose hearts you have fashioned
For beauty and grace.
Bless those who love them
And those who have guided them
To this holy time and place.
Call them to discovery,
To seek their truest self,
To fall in love with wisdom
And claim her as their wealth.
Send them forth in knowledge,
Your teachings be their guide.
Watch over them,
Protect them,
Walk softly by their side. Amen.

Patricia Leonard Pasley,
Prayers from the Heart: Sacred Heart University Prayer Book