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New Life nurseryNew Life’s nursery is for children ages newborn to four or five years old. Our volunteers strive to provide a loving, safe and fun environment for the littlest ones at New Life. The nursery is currently available starting at 9:45 AM and until “The Peace” during the service, when children are reunited with their families for communion and the remainder of the service.

A Guide for Parents and Friends of Children

Our parish family includes an increasing number of families with children. Adults may question the wisdom of including children in worship. It is true that they sometimes distract those around them and distress parents by their behavior. But as members of the family, they are needed by all of us to complete the circle at God's table.

If you have young children, or are concerned about the "dignity" of the service with the children involved, or if you are wondering if you should bring your children with you to visit New Life, we encourage you to read this article. Find out how we all can help our youngest Christians find their place at the table!

For children who are too young to be focused on the last part of the service, activity tables are located at the back of the church with books and coloring and stuffed animals to keep them occupied. For all the children, there is a “soft area” of pillows in front of the first pew at the very front of the church, where children can sit and easily see all that happens at the altar. New Life strives to make the church kid-friendly and to employ the newest methods of engaging children in worship.