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It's been a busy time at New Life, but we want to remind you to keep Larry Mackey, Kelly Mackey, and Linda Heitger in your prayers, as well as fellow travelers; husband and wife priests from St. Michael's in Toledo Greg and Peg Sammons, Lisa Roth from Cleveland Clinic, and Collaborative Mission Coordinator Brendan Knoblauch. They left January 3 and will return January 16 from Tanzania, Africa.

They continue the work of the Diocese of Ohio with the Diocese of Tanga and St. Raphael's Hospital. You will recall that the Medical Superintendent of the hospital, Dr. Mpundu, visited New Life last year and inspired us with his personal story of faith. He also inspired us with stories of healing and grace, some due in part to the people of the Diocese of Ohio and New Life who contribute their time, talent and treasure to this relationship and mission. The travelers involved in the mission have inspired us as well as they have shared their experiences.

Interesting to note that on this trip to Tanzania, the Ohio delegation happened to share an airplane ride with a group from the Lutheran Diocese of Iowa.  The Lutheran group are building wells and working with the farmers in the southwest.  Here they are on the plane sharing notes about their work.

Ohio and Iowa compare mission notes

There is a blog on the whole program here: tangaohioconnection.wordpress.com. Kelly intended to keep it updated for us, but evidently connecting to the internet is an issue!

Kelly writes in a facebook post on January 6:

I think Internet connectivity may very well be higher on my list than running water. Sad but true. Things are going well but have not really had Internet since Dar es Salaam. We have been very busy and hot but they are taking very good care of us. Yesterday I got to go to the market with Linda and Mama Gawile and back to her house to prepare pulau and other local favorites. We have been well fed by some wonderful cooks in the community. Church today was beautiful, though in Kiswahil. Occasionally we have running water but the battery powered shower is a dream. A few pots on the stove and it was even hot today. Lots of great photos to share upon my return! :)

We will look forward to hearing about the trip when they are back! In the meantime, please continue to keep them, and the mission, in your prayers!