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Readers who opened up their copy of the Canton Repository, or went online Saturday were treated to a full page article detailing the merger that brought the parish into existence in 2002.  In the words of our current rector, the Rev. Patricia Hanen, as well as Jan Szwast, Bill Miller, and MJ Maling, the article gives a brief history of the merger, the challenges faced, how the parish overcame them, and what we have grown into.  The article appeared as we were set to celebrate both the 10th Anniversary of the merger and a building rededication following our recent renovations.

Back in 2000, when the Rev. Patricia Hanen was asked to oversee the possible merger of two Episcopal parishes, she was dubious.

"I didn't believe mergers worked," she said. "We never had one in Ohio that worked, where people forgot where they came from. There was nothing I read, where anyone else had a handle on mergers, either."

But New Life Episcopal Church has been an exception to that rule.

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