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pancakesNew Life will be celebrating Fat Tuesday a little early with a pancake luncheon on Sunday, February 26. The lunch will be held after church (approximately 11am) in lieu of coffee hour, and will feature sourdough waffles, pancakes, and all your favorite toppings!

This pancake lunch is free and open to the public, so be sure to invite your friends and neighbors!

The Coffee Hour host teams have been revamped for 2017.   The new lineup is listed below, and is also available for download.

Team 1 – "Heavenly Treats"

*Vi Croasmun
Kathy & Kara Jernigan
Marianne Grigas
Nora Rice
Gaynor Lanik

Team 2 – "Good Eats"

*Julie Martin
Lynn Gorman
Rita Norman
Christine Domer
Beth LaMothe
Linda Heitger

Team 3 – "Big Buns"

*Charlyn Bridges
Joe and Scott Bridges
Pete & Gladys Mihelic
Laura Melert
Bo and Pete Iole
Amy Allen

Team 4 – "Sweet Rewards"

*Jan Szwast
Mary Jane and Carol Davidson
Lucy Smith
Julie Milam
Kim Peer
Toni Miller

Team 5 – "Chow Down"

*Darlene Giffin
Judy Johanning
MJ Maling
Jack & Joanne Sarver
Diana Evans

The vestry of New Life Episcopal Church in Uniontown, Ohio, are currently looking to fill three positions in the parish: Organist/Keyboardist, Administrative Assistant, and Bookkeeper.  Each position is part-time, and the ministry descriptions are as follows:


Position Available: Organist/Keyboardist to accompany weekly liturgical and seasonal worship services, as well as choir and other instrumentalist rehearsals in preparation of those services. Applicant should be familiar with liturgical style of worship and related music.  Reports to the Rector. Weddings and funeral are available but optional. Compensation: $150.00 per service.

Please send your resume and references by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or send by mail to New Life Episcopal Church 13118 Church Ave NW, Uniontown OH 44685, attention The Rev. Philip F. Kunder. Resumes will be accepted up until March 1, 2017

Download Organist/Keyboardist Ministry Description


Administrative Assistant

Position Available: Administrative Assistant to work with the rector 20-25 hours per week (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday) during office hours at $12/hour. This position requires a minimum of two (2) years as an administrative assistant and proficiency in Word and Excel. Experience in Internet email software such as Constant Contact/Vertical Response is highly recommended. Training can be provided. The administrative assistant maintains and upholds the highest level of confidentiality and neutrality at all times.

Please send your resume and references by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or send by mail to New Life Episcopal Church 13118 Church Ave NW, Uniontown OH 44685, attention The Rev. Philip Kunder. Resumes will be accepted up until March 1, 2017

 Download Administrative Assistant Ministry Description



Position Available: Bookkeeper to work 10-12 hours per week (Monday, Wednesday, Thursday) during evening hours at $15/hour. To do the job effectively, the candidate must have detail-oriented skills, be highly organized and have familiarity with accounting software such as Power Church. Also, required a minimum of two (2) years as a bookkeeper and proficiency in Word and Excel. The bookkeeper maintains and upholds the highest level of confidentiality and neutrality at all times.

Please send your resume and references by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or send by mail to New Life Episcopal Church 13118 Church Ave NW, Uniontown OH 44685, attention The Rev. Philip Kunder. Resumes will be accepted up until March 1, 2017

 Download Bookkeeper Ministry Description

simple gifts duoBack by popular demand, the award-winning folk music duo Simple Gifts takes the stage on Sunday, March 6. They will play for the 10 AM Worship Service, and again at a free public concert at 2:30 PM, where light refreshments will be served at intermission. Simple Gifts has performed at New Life twice in the last five years, to increasing numbers of appreciative listeners. “We wish we could bring them here more often,” said the Rev. Beth. “People really enjoy their music, warmth and humor and leave feeling uplifted and entertained. And kids like this too because of the variety of instruments and the stories that folk songs tell.”

Well known in the folk music world, Simple Gifts presents a wide variety of ethnic folk music, from lively Irish jigs and down-home American reels to hard-driving Klezmer freilahs, haunting Gypsy melodies, and exotic Balkan dance tunes. Throughout their performances, they put their own distinctive stamp on traditional tunes, blending styles from diverse cultures with their American roots. They perform on an impressive array of instruments, including two violins, mandolin, hammered dulcimer, recorders, and guitar plus some more unusual instruments like the bowed psaltery, aritone fiddle, banjolin, guitjo, and doumbek.

Linda Littleton and Karen Hirshon have performed as Simple Gifts since 1995. The group was founded by Littleton in 1989 and has performed throughout the mid-Atlantic region, including appearances at the Smithsonian, Brooklyn Museum of Art, National Governors' Convention, Longwood Gardens, National Theatre, Whitaker Center, Hershey Theatre, Philadelphia Folk Festival, Philadelphia Museum of Art, Ontario Center for Performing Arts, and dozens of colleges and universities through the region. Simple Gifts has opened for Natalie MacMaster, Tom Paxton, John McCutcheon, Robin and Linda Williams, Jay Unger and Molly Mason, and Boy of the Lough.

Simple Gifts has recorded six albums. Their newest, "Crossing Borders: Music of Many Lands," was recognized by Indie Acoustic, and their previous album, "Time and Again," won a bronze star (third place) in the Crossroads Music Awards. Their recordings include traditional music from Romania, Hungary, Russia, Bulgaria, Greece, Ireland, Scotland, France, Sweden, Denmark, and America, plus original compositions by each group member.

petblessing 2014 0032 creSunday, October 4th, 2015 at 10am

All pets and animal friends are welcome on leashes or in cages, crates, bowls, and other containers. You can also bring photos or symbols of your animals or stuffed animals.


school supplies backpackIt's the time of year when parents are beginning to prepare their kids for the return to school. Due to the cumulative cost of supplies, that means some families bear an excessive burden, and often the kids go to school unprepared. New Life can do something about that.

Our annual School Supplies Ingathering to benefit Lake Local Schools will be held on August 16th. Our worship that day will include a Blessing of Students, Teachers, Backpacks and School Supplies.

The schools are in need of the following items:

  • Folders: Sturdy plastic/vinyl, twin pocket with or without prongs in the following colors: red, orange, blue, yellow, green, & purple
  • Three ring binders (1 or 1.5 inch) with plastic sleeve on the cover: red, orange, blue, yellow and green
  • ONE Subject spiral notebooks (wide-ruled) - in the following colors (blue, green, red, black & yellow)
  • Packets of loose leaf paper (wide-ruled)
  • Clipboards
  • Scissors (Kid's Metal/Children's Fiskars)
  • Bottles of white glue
  • Small and large glue sticks (white)
  • Sharpened pencils
  • Pink gum erasers
  • Black Sharpie markers
  • Packs of wide-tip markers
  • Highlighters (any color)
  • Expo dry erase markers (low odor)
  • Boxes of crayons (24 count)
  • Packs of colored pencils (8 or 12, basic colors)
  • Post-It Notes

During your shopping trips, please head over to the "Back-to-School" section and pick up a few of these items as you are able. Bring them on or before August 16th to New and help make a difference in a child's education.

Download the 2015 School Supplies Shopping List

frank beth st-nicholasRev. Beth's journey to the priesthood was featured in an article appearing in the Canton Repository on January 18, 2014.

You could say the Rev. Elizabeth "Beth" Frank gave up the law, to follow the prophets.
On Dec. 6, Frank became the priest-in-charge at New Life Episcopal Church at 13118 Church Ave. NW.
For Frank, the assignment is part of a journey that has stretched as far as Beijing, where the Akron native taught English after graduating from Princeton University; to the federal courts, where she practiced law on behalf of the United States for more than 15 years.


Read the full article...

The coffee hour teams have been reworked and people have been reassigned.  We will begin rotating through the teams on a regular basis to ensure that we continue the fellowship ministry that is our coffee hour.  These are our new teams:

*Team Captains - each team has been assigned a "team captain" who will be responsible for "rallying the troops" as well as coordinating coverage in the event their team is unable to host coffee hour on their assigned week.

Team 1: "Heavenly Treats"

*Vi Croasmun
Kathy & Kara Jernigan
Marianne Grigas
Norma Francis & Any Jenke


Team 2: "Banquet Bliss"

* Joan Warren
The Mackey/Dale Family
Rita Norman
MJ Maling
Lynn Gorman


Team 3: "Good Eats"

*Julie Martin
Barb Mathues
Bill Joseph & Ellen Elder-Joseph
Cherie Parker
Linda Heitger
Alma Hammond
Denny & Carlana Chapman


Team 4: "Big Buns"

*Craig & Susan Lanham
Joe, Charlyn, and Scott Bridges
Pete & Gladys Mihelic
Laura Melert


Team 5: "Sweet Rewards"

*Toni Miller
Mary Jane & Carol Davidson
Jan Szwast
Jerry & Lucy Smith
Julia Milam
Don Laconi


Team 6: "Chow Down"

*Diana Evans
Jim Dean
Judy Johanning
Marilyn McGuckin
Dave & Darlene Giffin
Scott & Christine Walton

Rev. Josh ButlerThe Rev. Josh Butler preached the sermon on Sunday, July 7th. He challenged us to see the demons that are around us, and to cast out the ones we can.

Some of you have been out there amidst the wolves, into the cities and where there are no cities, caring for the poor, the weak, the sick and the lonely. Sometimes, in to the course of this good work, you have cast out demons. Not all of you have cast out demons but more of us should certainly try our hand at it.

Make no mistake about it: They are still here. There are demons afoot.

How do we drive out demons? You may know the answer but, in the off chance that you do not know, and just in case you have never thought about casting out demons, I want you to think about it this morning and hold it in prayer.   ..........   ..........

The vestry is pleased to announce that the Rev. Elizabeth "Beth" Frank will be joining our New Life family. Rev. Beth will be serving as a transitional deacon, based at New Life, until Rev. Pat retires in early August. At that time, Beth will assume the title of "Deacon-in-Charge" until she is ordained to the priesthood. Once priested, Beth will then serve our parish as "Priest-in-Charge".

A priest-in-charge serves a parish for a specified period of time, after which the vestry, bishop, and priest-in-charge decide whether the relationship should continue, and the priest-in-charge would be called as priest.

Beth was ordained to the transitional diaconate on June 1st of this year, after graduating from Bexley Hall Seminary in Columbus. An Ohioan, with family in Akron, she has lived and worked in China (and knows Chinese), has been a lawyer, and served as the director for a five-county Special Olympics program. She has also done mission in Liberia, Columbus, and now in Belize.

Diocesan Canon for Ministry, Percy Grant, suggested that New Life would be a great place for Beth to begin her ordained ministry. New Life's reputation for honesty, care, and welcome, will help to make Beth's tranistion a smooth one, while Beth's gifts will help New Life continue on its path of ministry, mission, and caring.

Beth has already started working with the Wednesday morning study group, and will begin serving with us on Sundays, starting on June 30.

Welcome, Rev. Beth!!

Join us June 16-21, 2013 as the Central East Mission Area Youth participate in mission right in our own backyard!!  "Appalachia in Ohio" finds us in Carrollton - a very small and beautiful community which continues to grow despite facing some severe social and economic challenges.  These 7th-12th graders will be working side by side with people from the community on projects such as their new park system, food pantries, nursing and group homes, and even projects for individuals.  There will be worship each day, as well as activities together such as a walking tour of the community, and games at a local park.

Come with your youth group, or come on your own. Who knows, serving God this way may just change your life!

As part of our diocesan partnership between the Diocese of Ohio and the Diocese of Tanga in Tanzania, New Life has been instrumental in collecting supplies/donations to be sent to St. Raphael's Hospital in Korogwe.  Those supplies make their way halfway around the world through the coordination and hard work of Medwish International.  Brendan Knoblauch, who is coordinating this partnership for the Diocese of Ohio, posted a video to Medwish which shows a recent shipment being unloaded at St. Raphael's.  This shipment included monitors for the operating theater, manikins for the new nursing skills laboratory, and many other critical items.


The New Life Vestry is challenging the congregation to raise $400, which the Vestry will match, to purchase an $800 Hand-held Doppler Ultrasound System for use at the St. Raphael's Hospital Maternity ward in Tanzania. New Lifer Linda Heitger, a neo-natal intensive care nurse and recent traveler to St. Raphael's Hospital, explained that the hospital is using a Pinard Horn to monitor the heart rate of fetuses. The Doppler Ultrasound is the standard in the US for monitoring fetal heart rate, and it is capable of much, much more, such as detecting problems early.

We hope to present the new Doppler Ultrasound to Dr. Damian Mpundu, Director of the hospital, when he visits New Life for the second time this coming March. New Life helping with new life! Make your donation during the offering at any service, or mail/give your donation to Treasurer Bill Miller. Be sure to note that the donation is for the Doppler!

New Life's successful merger was featured in a story in the Akron Beacon-Journal on January 12.  The article touches on the history of the two parishes, as well as the recent renovation project and New Life's many outreach efforts.

The Rev. Patricia Hanen was full of doubt when she learned of the merger between St. Peter's Episcopal Church in Akron's Firestone Park and St. Michael's and All Angels Episcopal Church in Lake Township.

"I said, 'Oh, no! Mergers never work,' " said Hanen, who worked in congregational development for the Ohio Episcopal Diocese at the time. "I asked the bishop, 'What are you trying to do to these people? All the research shows that mergers don't work.' "

That was 10 years ago.

Read the whole article...

It's been a busy time at New Life, but we want to remind you to keep Larry Mackey, Kelly Mackey, and Linda Heitger in your prayers, as well as fellow travelers; husband and wife priests from St. Michael's in Toledo Greg and Peg Sammons, Lisa Roth from Cleveland Clinic, and Collaborative Mission Coordinator Brendan Knoblauch. They left January 3 and will return January 16 from Tanzania, Africa.

They continue the work of the Diocese of Ohio with the Diocese of Tanga and St. Raphael's Hospital. You will recall that the Medical Superintendent of the hospital, Dr. Mpundu, visited New Life last year and inspired us with his personal story of faith. He also inspired us with stories of healing and grace, some due in part to the people of the Diocese of Ohio and New Life who contribute their time, talent and treasure to this relationship and mission. The travelers involved in the mission have inspired us as well as they have shared their experiences.

Interesting to note that on this trip to Tanzania, the Ohio delegation happened to share an airplane ride with a group from the Lutheran Diocese of Iowa.  The Lutheran group are building wells and working with the farmers in the southwest.  Here they are on the plane sharing notes about their work.

Ohio and Iowa compare mission notes

There is a blog on the whole program here: tangaohioconnection.wordpress.com. Kelly intended to keep it updated for us, but evidently connecting to the internet is an issue!

Kelly writes in a facebook post on January 6:

I think Internet connectivity may very well be higher on my list than running water. Sad but true. Things are going well but have not really had Internet since Dar es Salaam. We have been very busy and hot but they are taking very good care of us. Yesterday I got to go to the market with Linda and Mama Gawile and back to her house to prepare pulau and other local favorites. We have been well fed by some wonderful cooks in the community. Church today was beautiful, though in Kiswahil. Occasionally we have running water but the battery powered shower is a dream. A few pots on the stove and it was even hot today. Lots of great photos to share upon my return! :)

We will look forward to hearing about the trip when they are back! In the meantime, please continue to keep them, and the mission, in your prayers!

Readers who opened up their copy of the Canton Repository, or went online Saturday were treated to a full page article detailing the merger that brought the parish into existence in 2002.  In the words of our current rector, the Rev. Patricia Hanen, as well as Jan Szwast, Bill Miller, and MJ Maling, the article gives a brief history of the merger, the challenges faced, how the parish overcame them, and what we have grown into.  The article appeared as we were set to celebrate both the 10th Anniversary of the merger and a building rededication following our recent renovations.

Back in 2000, when the Rev. Patricia Hanen was asked to oversee the possible merger of two Episcopal parishes, she was dubious.

"I didn't believe mergers worked," she said. "We never had one in Ohio that worked, where people forgot where they came from. There was nothing I read, where anyone else had a handle on mergers, either."

But New Life Episcopal Church has been an exception to that rule.

Read the whole article...

New Life remains focused on the needs of local school children as its main outreach ministry! Even while many New Lifers are now Reading Buddies to children at Uniontown Elementary School, the effort to provide supplies to kids in need continues! Bucket Buck Sundays are held on the second Sunday of each month! That means there will be a special collection during the service for our outreach to local children!

The Outreach Team is looking into even more ways that New Life can make a difference to the hurting world around us. All New Lifers are invited to participate in outreach ministry! Come and join the team!
Pennies in a handThe Outreach Team is bringing back “Two Cents a Meal,” a small hunger program to further benefit FISH, our local food cupboard/emergency assistance organization. “FISH needs cash as well as food to do its work,” said Darlene Giffin, co-chair of New Life’s Outreach Team. “At times FISH will provide emergency assistance such as paying a utility bill, buying a pair of eye glasses, or providing non-food supplies. In these cases, cash is what is most helpful.”

Members of New Life will find a Two Cents a Meal envelope in their bulletin the last Sunday of each month starting in April, and will be asked to place their donation in the envelope for collection at the service. (Part of the idea is for families to put that two cents in an envelope at each meal as they say the blessing and express gratitude!) 2 Cents-a-Meal = 6 cents per day = 42 cents per week = $1.68 per month = $20.16 per year. Contact Darlene if you have any questions!