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New Coffee Hour Teams for 2017

The Coffee Hour host teams have been revamped for 2017.   The new lineup is listed below, and is also available for download.

Team 1
"Heavenly Treats"
Team 2
"Good Eats"
Team 3
"Big Buns"
Team 4
"Sweet Rewards"
Team 5
"Chow Down"
*Vi Croasmun
Kathy & Kara Jernigan
Marianne Grigas
Nora Rice
Gaynor Lanik
*Julie Martin
Lynn Gorman
Rita Norman
Christine Domer
Beth LaMothe
Linda Heitger
*Charlyn Bridges
Joe and Scott Bridges
Pete & Gladys Mihelic
Laura Melert
Bo and Pete Iole
Amy Allen
*Jan Szwast
Mary Jane and Carol Davidson
Lucy Smith
Julie Milam
Kim Peer
Toni Miller
*Darlene Giffin
Judy Johanning
MJ Maling
Jack & Joanne Sarver
Diana Evans

*Team Leader

Download 2017 Coffee Hour Teams